After an awesome festival, we want to thank the masschoir for an absolutely fantastic effort throughout the festival weekend and especially we want to thank you for your efforts during the concert on Sunday night, completely magical!

Anki and Magnus Spångberg and your musicians from Örebro and Örbyhus, (Jonas, Pelle, Patrik och Andreas) you made the festival into a rocking gospel adventure.

Anki and Magnus you are worth your weight in gold for us and the festival!
Thanks for working together with us and Gävle Gospelfestival for 20 years!!! Let´s make it another 20😊!

Walter Owens, this was your second time in Gavle! So good having you back again!
Thank you for your inspiration and the gospel trip you took us on during the festival weekend, a fantastic experience. We love your sense of humor, it spread joy😊.
We really feel so blessed that you were a part of our festival! My tribute!

Ole Børud, you really are an amazing singer and guitar player! We love your songs and the personal sound that you have. You were awesome!

Linda Børud Lindeh, so great to have you back again! Thanks for the joy you shared and your voice that really hit us all!
We would also like to thank you, dear audience. It´s very inspiring to have such a devoted audience who each year comes to Gävle Concert Hall to participate in our festival and listen to gospel music.
After talking with both singers and the audience, we can say with great conviction that this was a really great festival!

Many warm gospel greetings with love,
Anna & Hans Helmerson, project managers
Hasse Spennare, Bilda – education association
Karin Sundin, Sensus – education association
Ingrid Lonér – education association